Monday, March 31, 2008

Custom Address Labels

Looking for a way to add that extra special touch when sending out stationary items?? Our custom address labels might just be the perfect answer for you! I have recently begun to offer these exquisite details for my clients and for now, I will be offering the same round and square matte labels in the existing sizes that I currently offer for my printed monogram label designs. The out of the box alternative to your ho-hum return address labels. These stylish accents will provide the perfect elite embellishment for your stationary items and will give the recipient just a tiny glimpse of your style, personality and lifestyle before they even open the envelope! Below is the information on the sizes and corresponding prices. Feel free to email me should you wish discuss custom address label concepts!

I will be sharing some pictures of some recent custom address labels that I created later in the week!

2" Circle Labels - matte weatherproof polyester white labels

100 labels - $ 35.00

200 labels - $ 70.00

300 labels - $ 98.00

400 labels - $ 130.00

500 labels - $ 150.00

600 labels - $ 180.00

Larger quantities - contact me for quote

1.8" x 1.8" Square Labels - matte weatherproof polyester white labels

100 labels - $ 35.00

200 labels - $ 70.00

300 labels - $ 98.00

400 labels - $ 130.00

500 labels - $ 150.00

600 labels - $ 180.00

Larger quantities - contact me for quote

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Monogram Designs - Lili and Ryan

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Stock Monograms - Tamika and Freddie

I recently created the below stock monogram designs for Tamika and her fiance, Freddie for their fall-themed wedding this upcoming November. Tamika's only requests were to use shades of rich espresso brown and burnt orange tones and to be creative in selecting which designs I thought would work best for their wedding and color palette. Tamika did not want any leaves or other similar elements in the designs that are often quite typical for a fall-themed wedding, but instead wanted an elegant and stylish collection of monograms that she could use as distinct personalized accents for their very special day! Tamika was absolutely thrilled with the designs that I selected and created for her and I was very pleased with the end results as well. The top two monograms are new designs that I created and are actually my favorites out of the collection, but I think that they all turned out just fabulously!

Sassy T-Shirt Logo Design - Baltimore Knotties!

I have been working on numerous projects with the sweet Danielle for her upcoming wedding. Well, Danielle is getting married in Baltimore and is an active "Baltimore Knottie" and had recently contacted me regarding a custom logo design for the lovely Baltimore Knotties to use on some t-shirts that they were going to have designed. These Baltimore brides wanted a fun and flirty design that incorporated the color pink, because really...what girl doesn't love pink!!?? and they also wanted to include a blue tone similar to the trademark color of the Knot website. Of course, I was completely honored for them to ask me to create this design for them and jumped into action on coming up with a clever, but subtle design for their t-shirt design. For this special design I decided to use contrasting fonts and used a sleek, modern typeface in combination with a sweet script font that I thought reminded me of the font used in the Knot's logo design. Using a color palette of dainty pink and blue tones, I accented the text with an ultra-elegant flourish and an oversized diamond graphic that I designed atop the letter "O" in Baltimore to cleverly mimic the look of a sparkly diamond engagement ring. Oh so flirty and completely sassy for this awesome group of Knotties! I personally cannot wait to see the finished results of the actual t-shirt. I might have to order one myself even though I am obviously not a Baltimore Knottie, but it's so cute that I don't really think that it matters! ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Custom Monograms - Mandy and Michael

I was recently contacted by Mandy to create some custom monogram designs for her and her fiance, Michael's upcoming wedding. Mandy was super sweet to work with (like all of my brides & clients!) and had her heart set on a selection of unique, ultra-chic monogram designs that she provided the below wedding board for me to use as inspiration when creating their designs. This couple has selected a charming color palette of varying shades of pink combined with classic black and white tones for a truly elegant, yet fun and youthful appeal! Embellished with gorgeous damask accents, I absolutely adore Mandy's vision for her special day and think that the designs that I created for her and Michael complement their wedding concept most perfectly!

Stunning wedding inspiration board that Mandy created for her upcoming wedding.

A selection of the designs that I created for this special couple.
(On a side note...this was my 100th post, wow!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Custom Water Bottle Labels - Kristen & Justin

I was recently contracted by Kristen to create and print some custom water bottle labels for her and her fiance, Justin's upcoming wedding. The couple actually already had a simple, yet classicly elegant monogram design that they had created through the company that made their invitations that they wanted to use for the water bottle label design. I used their existing monogram as the focal point of their label designs and created lovely patterned backgrounds to compliment the delicate flourishes within their monogram. With a subtle color palette of lilac, celadon green and crisp white tones I created the designs featured below. I love the way that they turned out and the first two designs were actually both Kristen's and my favorites as well!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vibrant Spring Wedding

Spring officially arrived last week and wedding season is about to be in full-swing! With that in mind, I wanted to share this stunning inspiration board from Snippet & Ink. I love all of the vivid tones of coral, yellow, pink, red, orange and crisp green used throughout this wonderfully vibrant and colorful tented wedding. From the semi free-formed garden inspired bouquet to the charming ring pillow and the oh-so fabulous vintage birdcage veil worn by the bride featured in the board. I absolutely adore everything about this very colorful and extremely unique outdoor affair!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I just want to wish everyone a very happy Easter from our family to yours!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bring on the "bling!"

Another stunning wedding decor trend that is ever-growing in popularity is the gorgeous centerpiece arrangements designed using an abundant quantity of cut crystal strands draped and suspended from towering branch structures creating a truly dramatic and absolutely breathtaking appeal. I completely love this striking design and have really grown fond of all of the cut crystal vessels, votives, chandeliers and other decor items that have officially made a "comeback" and are now a huge trend in today's chic, modern weddings. Here is one example of an incredibly beautiful crystal drenched arrangement that I found on Brides.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Custom Water Bottle Labels - Natalie & Brian

I am absolutely in love with these custom water bottle labels that I recently designed and printed for Natalie and her fiance, Brian, for their upcoming wedding this summer. This fabulous couple selected a vibrant, strong color palette of vivid hot pink and kelly or grass green tones that are the perfect shades for a fun summer California wedding. They plan one using these labels to adorn the chilled water bottles that they will provide for their guests to help make them more comfortable and to beat the summer heat!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sassy Spring Weddings!

It's the first day of spring and I thought it would be fitting to post some lovely wedding boards that all seem to exude all of the wonderful things that spring has to offer. Vibrant, flirty color palettes, sweet treats, lots of fun textures and elements and of course, gorgeous spring floral blossoms!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Custom Monograms - Deanna and Rick

I was recently contacted by Deanna to create a custom monogram for her upcoming wedding in August of this year. Deanna wanted something fun, yet elegant and loved the idea of using ornate decorative flourishes as the central design element of the monogram that I created for her and her fiance, Rick. Below are my two favorite designs that I created for this lovely couple.

Deanna's favorite design using multiple flourishes in her delicate wedding color palette of aqua, salmon and brown tones.

Another simple, yet sophisticated design that I created for the couple's upcoming wedding.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blushing Bouquets

Take a peek at these incredibly stunning bridal bouquets. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous!?!? I completely love all of the highly textured floral elements used within each design.

This first hand tied bouquet features exquisite floral blossoms including over-sized roses, textured scabiosas and delicate tulips in varying shades of pink accented with select groupings of fragrant white tuberose and hanging amaranthus which exudes an overly romantic garden inspired appeal.

This second striking bouqu
et is an exotic mix of varying orchid varieties including phalaenopsis and miltonia orchids in brilliant shades of vibrant yellow and deep violet tones that lend an elegant, yet fresh and modern appeal for the contemporary.

Lastly, this third showcased bouquet is a sun-kissed bundle of pristine floral blooms including lush pink garden roses, vivid orange and buttery yellow toned dahlias, hanging millet and coral drops for a wonderfully textured and slightly tropical inspired look. I absolutely love all three of these delightful bouquets and think that any of them would be the perfect accent for any bride walking down the aisle.

All photos courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Water Bottle Labels - Size change

I will now be offering 8.5" x 2" water bottle labels instead of the previous size of 8.5" x 2.5". The labels are still the amazing weatherproof finish that I have been offering and pricing will remain the same for the corresponding quantities as the previous labels as well. Please feel free to email me should you wish to place an order or have any questions about custom label designs.

Custom Moving Announcement - Kelsey & Nathan

Kelsey recently contacted me regarding a design for a moving announcement for herself and her husband, Nathan, to send out to their close friends and family to inform them of their new address since they are currently in the process of moving into their new home. In our initial correspondence regarding the design of the announcement we quickly determined that Kelsey desired for the color palette for the design to consist of white, black and chartreuse green tones. (Which by the way, I absolutely LOVE and I actually did not influence her decision on this surprisingly! The idea for the color palette came strictly from Kelsey and I was just super excited because I love using these colors together!) In any case, we proceeded to discuss the details of the design and again, she mentioned several different design elements that I currently have a strong passion for including damask prints and chandelier type shapes. With all of the conceptual ideas layed out, I created the below announcement which I so instantly fell-in-love with and I am beyond pleased to say that Kelsey and Nathan completely love this custom design that I made for them too!

Front of postcard - a chic damask printed border and a oh-so stylish chandelier silhouette take center stage as the focal point of the design.

Back of postcard

A little green luck....

I thought in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day that I would share this lovely green inspired wedding board that I found while perusing the fabulous Snippet & Ink blog, which is one of my absolutely favorite blogs by the way! I love, love, love all of the whimsical elements displayed in this fun board and adore the petite shamrock accents. I hope everyone has a happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Custom Monogram - Danielle and James

I am currently working on a few different projects for Danielle and James for their upcoming wedding, but I did want to go ahead and share the custom monogram that I designed for them recently as well because I just love it so much! Danielle forwarded a picture to me that she had found for inspiration of a lovely lighting treatment that featured a custom initial gobo on the dance floor of a wedding. She requested that I design something similar for her and James to use for the gobo that they were going to have made for their upcoming wedding and below is the final result of the design that I created for them. Danielle was estatic with the final design and I am now working on a couple of other projects for the couple that I will post more about once completed.

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Monograms - Summer and Clark


wedding / baby / personal

Stock Monogram Designs

$ 15.00 for 1 design

$ 25.00 for 2 designs

$ 32.00 for 3 designs

Custom Monogram Design

starts @ $ 75.00 for 1 design


Custom Invitation Design

**contact us for a quote

Flat panel invitation design including single main invitation insert and reply card starting @ $ 125.00 for the design of both inserts. No printing materials included in price.

Printed custom invitation suites are now available and are quoted on an individual basis. Single flat panel main invitation and reply card with coordinating envelopes start @ $5.00 per invitation and include digital printing for the inserts only. No envelope printing included in this price. Design fee, coordination and any assembly fees will be included in custom invitation quotes when requested.

We offer flat digital printing for our classic invitation collection, however also offer offset flat printing, thermography and letterpress printing as options as well. Please contact us to discuss a custom design for your upcoming wedding or special event today!

Custom Save-the-Date Design

$ 50.00 for a single one-sided layout design

$ 75.00 for a two-sided layout design

Printed Custom Labels / Stickers

Water Bottle Labels - 8" x 2" water resistant white labels

100 labels - $ 80.00
200 labels - $ 160.00
300 labels - $ 240.00
400 labels - $ 315.00
500 labels - $ 390.00
600 labels - $ 465.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

1.75" Circle Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or return address seals among other things

100 labels - $ 30.00
200 labels - $ 60.00
300 labels - $ 90.00
400 labels - $ 120.00
500 labels - $ 150.00
600 labels - $ 180.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

2" Square Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or return address seals among other things

100 labels - $ 45.00
200 labels - $ 90.00
300 labels - $ 135.00
400 labels - $ 180.00
500 labels - $ 225.00
600 labels - $ 270.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

2 1/2" Circle Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or return address seals among other things

100 labels - $ 50.00
200 labels - $ 100.00
300 labels - $ 150.00
400 labels - $ 200.00
500 labels - $ 250.00
600 labels - $ 300.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

3" Square Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or accents on invitations, programs, etc.

100 labels - $ 55.00
200 labels - $ 110.00
300 labels - $ 165.00
400 labels - $ 220.00
500 labels - $ 275.00
600 labels - $ 330.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

4" Square Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or accents on invitations, programs, etc.

100 labels - $ 60.00
200 labels - $ 120.00
300 labels - $ 180.00
400 labels - $ 240.00
500 labels - $ 300.00
600 labels - $ 360.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

***All labels are printed on a highly water resistant glossy label stock using a commercial label printer


Custom Birth Announcements

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Corporate Logo Design

Starting at $ 200.00

Business Card Design

One sided design - starting at $ 60.00

Two sided design - starting at $ 80.00

Letterhead Design

Starting at $ 40.00

Other Custom Designed Marketing Materials

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