Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the day with those that they love the most. I am sending many prayers and blessings to all of you for a safe and prosperous day and for the days, weeks and years to come! I know that personally, I feel beyond blessed and am so very grateful for everyone and everything that is a part of my life. You are all amazing and I cannot thank you enough!

I also wanted to apologize for my current lack of posting and for any delays in project orders. I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks and as a result, have been delayed in many of my current projects and for this I am so sorry, but I promise that I have not forgotten about any of you and will have your orders to you very soon. Between the rush of the impending wedding and event season, the holiday season upon us and my heightened pregnancy symptoms, it has caused me to become a bit behind, much more so than I am accustomed to or like to be, but I am finally beginning to feel a bit better and hope to be back on track in the coming days and weeks. My sincerest apologies for my delayed response and for my severe lack in blogging as well.....I am hoping to be back to my normal blogging self as soon as possible! :) Although, I will continue to limit my orders in the coming months as I progress in my pregnancy in order to maintain a good level of health for both myself and the baby. With that being said, I will continue to do as much as possible and will certainly try to accommodate any and all requests within reason based on my availability throughout the upcoming months. Thank you all again for your continued praise and support.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Labels 2008

Looking for an easy and chic way to add a little splash of color and personality to your holiday cards and gifts??? Check out our holiday inspired labels that can be used for an erray of holiday embellishments such as return address labels for your holiday cards, accents for sealing gift cards or homemade gifts such as baked goods or for a perfect way to complete your gift wrap options! Below are just a few of the designs that can be created for you this holiday season and all designs can be printed on either round or square labels, however are shown here in the version that works best for each individual design layout. Aren't they great?!?! I just love all of the designs and think that they are the perfect way to add a little personalized touch to all of your gift giving this holiday season! All labels are available in our regular label sizes and pricing can be found in the pricing section of our blog. Should you be interested in ordering some of our fun new holiday label designs or should you have any questions about personlizing any of these deisgns to fit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Delovely Signature Shades - labels can be designed in any of our signature shades shown above or in practically any color requested. If you are interested in a color not shown in our signature shade color chart above then please provide a color swatch or hex codes / rgb tones for the colors requested for your designs along with your order inquiry and we will confirm your color selection upon final order confirmation.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ode to the Birdcage Veil......

Oh birdcage veil, how I do love delicate and feminine, yet sassy and edgy at the same time. I adore you and only wish that I had discovered you years ago so that I could have been so lucky to have worn you on my wedding day. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wedding Monograms - Amanda and Nick

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday Card 2008 - Merry Christmas from the Enlow's

This was *officially* my first holiday card design of the season and it definitely got me feeling the holiday spirit! This card I designed for Cheryl and Jared, who are newlyweds and wanted to include one of their lovely wedding photos in the holiday cards they send out to their family and friends this year. The fabulous holiday card features a rich chocolate brown tone as the foundation of the card design accented with a delicate damask pattern and floral embellishments in festive olive green and warm crimson red tones for a true Christmas appeal. I just LOVE the color combination and think that it turned out perfectly!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Weddings - Mandy and Michael

Earlier this year, I was oh-so lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Mandy on some custom monogram designs for her and her fiance, Michael. Well, this special couple's gorgeous wedding just took place early this past September and Mandy was so very kind and thoughtful to have recently sent me some wonderful photos from her and Michael's special day. Of course, I just couldn't resist sharing the lovely photos courtesy of the fabulous Lynn Michelle Photography with all of my devoted readers. Below are just a few snippets from the events of the day, from the ceremony to the reception and a bit of everything in between. Mandy also included some lovely shots of the custom monogram designs that I created for her in action as well. Enjoy and be sure to check out Lynn Michelle's site for more incredible eye candy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Company Logo Design - Sparkle Box Jewelry

Here is a company logo that I created last month for Stacey and her lovely jewelry company Sparkle Box Jewelry. Stacey wanted a fun, flirty and somewhat whimsical logo to represent her jewelry designs, but also wanted the design to be versatile and to maintain a professional appearance. Using Stacey's desired color palette, I created a sparkly new logo design in striking hot pink, sleek silver and contrasting black tones and included some gorgeous scrollwork to frame the design. For a finishing touch, I added just the perfect amount of glittery sparkles to complete the chic new look of the revamped Sparkle Box Jewelry logo. Stacey absolutely loved her new logo design and was eager to start using the logo on all of her packaging and marketing materials for this busy holiday season!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Menu & Table Card Designs - Danielle & Joseph

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Wedding Monogram Designs - Danielle & Adam

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Wedding Monogram Designs - Sherell & Carlin


wedding / baby / personal

Stock Monogram Designs

$ 15.00 for 1 design

$ 25.00 for 2 designs

$ 32.00 for 3 designs

Custom Monogram Design

starts @ $ 75.00 for 1 design


Custom Invitation Design

**contact us for a quote

Flat panel invitation design including single main invitation insert and reply card starting @ $ 125.00 for the design of both inserts. No printing materials included in price.

Printed custom invitation suites are now available and are quoted on an individual basis. Single flat panel main invitation and reply card with coordinating envelopes start @ $5.00 per invitation and include digital printing for the inserts only. No envelope printing included in this price. Design fee, coordination and any assembly fees will be included in custom invitation quotes when requested.

We offer flat digital printing for our classic invitation collection, however also offer offset flat printing, thermography and letterpress printing as options as well. Please contact us to discuss a custom design for your upcoming wedding or special event today!

Custom Save-the-Date Design

$ 50.00 for a single one-sided layout design

$ 75.00 for a two-sided layout design

Printed Custom Labels / Stickers

Water Bottle Labels - 8" x 2" water resistant white labels

100 labels - $ 80.00
200 labels - $ 160.00
300 labels - $ 240.00
400 labels - $ 315.00
500 labels - $ 390.00
600 labels - $ 465.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

1.75" Circle Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or return address seals among other things

100 labels - $ 30.00
200 labels - $ 60.00
300 labels - $ 90.00
400 labels - $ 120.00
500 labels - $ 150.00
600 labels - $ 180.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

2" Square Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or return address seals among other things

100 labels - $ 45.00
200 labels - $ 90.00
300 labels - $ 135.00
400 labels - $ 180.00
500 labels - $ 225.00
600 labels - $ 270.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

2 1/2" Circle Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or return address seals among other things

100 labels - $ 50.00
200 labels - $ 100.00
300 labels - $ 150.00
400 labels - $ 200.00
500 labels - $ 250.00
600 labels - $ 300.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

3" Square Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or accents on invitations, programs, etc.

100 labels - $ 55.00
200 labels - $ 110.00
300 labels - $ 165.00
400 labels - $ 220.00
500 labels - $ 275.00
600 labels - $ 330.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

4" Square Labels - water resistant white labels - can be used as favor labels or accents on invitations, programs, etc.

100 labels - $ 60.00
200 labels - $ 120.00
300 labels - $ 180.00
400 labels - $ 240.00
500 labels - $ 300.00
600 labels - $ 360.00
Larger quantities - contact me for quote

***All labels are printed on a highly water resistant glossy label stock using a commercial label printer


Custom Birth Announcements

**contact us for a quote


Corporate Logo Design

Starting at $ 200.00

Business Card Design

One sided design - starting at $ 60.00

Two sided design - starting at $ 80.00

Letterhead Design

Starting at $ 40.00

Other Custom Designed Marketing Materials

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